About Company

  • Having a deep understanding of the influences of light on human behaviour

    Nova Light Engineering Company

    creates lighting systems that harmoniously integrate architectural solutions and marketing positioning of retail facilities to form unforgettable customer experience

  • We create efficient lighting concepts, design them, install the equipment and maintain retail facilities taking into account three key indicators:

    • investment costs in lighting equipment and its installation;
    • operating costs including energy costs, maintenance costs and component replacement;
    • influence of light on the customer emotional state and behaviour.
  • When creating the concept we rely on the marketing positioning of the retail facility, its location, product range, materials and colours of the interior, aroma and sound design.

    The company’s specialists constantly monitor the latest global trends in retail development, formats evolution and customer journey designing.

  • We develop, design and assemble
    manual and automatic lighting control systems, which are able to save additionally 30-70 percent of the energy, used for lighting.

    The company’s experience list contains over 500 successful projects in Ukraine and worldwide.

    We use only reliable equipment and components produced by the world lighting manufacturing leaders that ensures durability and efficient operation of our lighting systems.